Improve your ability to work with clients in grief


Here's what you can expect to learn

  • How to identify your client's grieving style and how quickly your client is able to focus on financial or professional matters.
  • How to communicate with your grieving client and why it is so important.
  • How to understand protocols and timelines of working with your grieving client immediately after the death of a loved one.
  • How to identify grief triggers and how to keep your client comfortable when they occur.
  • How to provide your client with a list of support services to help with their grief.
  • How to create a pre-death and post-death checklist to aid in financial and legal matters for your client.
  • How to navigate family dynamics.
  • How to identify what stage of grief your client is in, thus explaining their emotional and chaotic state of mind.
  • How to facilitate the compensation conversation delicately and appropriately when helping a grieving client.
  • How to focus on the grieving client as an individual first and a client second.

When it comes to your grieving clients, are you

Feeling ill-equipped to help your grieving client despite all of your professional education and experience?

Feeling helpless in terms of how to help your client navigate financial matters in the midst of their grief?

At a loss in terms of how and when to help your client through the financial process?

Completely unsure as to the timing of when your client should be ready to take their next financial steps?

Confused and uncomfortable of what to say around your grieving client?

Completely clueless as to what resources to offer your client outside of finance to help them through their grief, which would ultimately help your client focus on their financial matters?


Improve Your Success Rate with Grieving Clients

I teach advisors how to distinguish a grieving clients style, how to speak to a grieving client and how to eliminate fear of unpreparedness when facing a client in grief. Life After Grief Consulting® is here to help you become more comfortable, more prepared and more confident in your practice.


the advisor's Guide to
grieving clients: opportunity

Learn about a client's grieving style and how it could give an advisor a good indication of how fast or slow the client will be able to move through the financial process.


the advisor's Guide to
grieving clients: transformation

Learn simple cues when speaking to a grieving client as this aids in their process of healing, and enhances an advisor's ability to safely navigate a client's financial matters.


the advisor's Guide to
grieving clients: the Ownership Experience

Learn how to eliminate fear of helplessness, unpreparedness and powerlessness when facing a client in grief and become more comfortable, confident and prepared.